Point of view as used in fiction writing is often explained as simply the choice of pronouns you use. “I” is first person point of view, “You” is second person point of view, and “he/she/it” is third person. There are other delineations as well, but those are the basics.

WHO (which character) is actually telling the story is often included in the point of view, but that is more of a non-literary definition.

Who cares?

If you are writing something, someone needs to tell the story. Even an omniscient narrator has a personality.

My favorite POV is 3rd person limited with one (or more than one!) of the main characters telling the tale. I’m actually revising my formerly 1st person NaNoWriMo novel to be 3rd person limited with three viewpoints right now.

Tricky though, because the 3 viewpoints are from separate entities all residing in the same body.