I call myself a fantasy and horror writer, and that is true, but what I write stretches far beyond that.

If expanded to cover all the possible sub-genres, I would have to include:

1) Fantasy — epic fantasy — sword & sorcery — high fantasy — dark fantasy 2) Urban Fantasy 3) Paranormal 4) Horror

But what in the heck is the difference between them all? Some people use some of the terms interchangeably. For example, epic fantasy is often akin to high fantasy. Urban fantasy can skate the edges of both paranormal and horror.

What is a vampire tale? Depends really. Are the vampires slaughtering people and flinging blood hither and yon? Horror. Are they brooding melancholy and just want to be loved? Paranormal. Are they sexy, goth-style metro-sexuals part of some ancient curse/war/spiritual movement? Urban fantasy.

It’s tough sometimes to narrow down what I write. When asked, I may just have to start to answer, “good stories.” At least I think so.