Fantasy quests writing is a cornerstone of the fantasy genre of fiction.  When you think about it, most books in all genres contain some sort of quest. Whether it be for happiness or fulfillment or a magic amulet, the important thing is that the character wants it really badly, and he or she gets it in the end.

Even in the crazy made-up worlds of fantasy quests, writing them to be believable is essential to a quality story.

Fantasy Quests: Writing the Character

In order for your fantasy quest to be believable and entertaining, the character must desperately want something and be willing to undertake difficult things in order to get it.  The character, ideally, should have some core value that makes them crave the item or qualities that the quest brings about.

Fantasy Quests: Writing the Goal

The goal of a fantasy quest can be either physical or intangible.  While the tried and true more of a quest for a magical item, weapon, or artifact always works, the fantasy quests writing can also lean more toward experience or emotion.

Fantasy Quests: Writing the Ending

Even in dark fantasy and horror, the quest must be satisfied by the end of the book.  Not writing an acceptable and logical conclusion to your fantasy quests will leave the reader upset and unfulfilled.