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About Me

I don't really like talking about myself. I'm not as interesting as the characters that populate my stories. Yet some people want to know who is behind the stories they read (or are considering), so I'll include a bit of something here. I invite you to 'Like' my page on Facebook, follow me on Goodreads and check out my Amazon Page for more.


Official Biography

M. Lori Motley suspends reality whenever possible.

She believes in magic, alternate realities and especially dragons. She lives with them in stories where imagination isn't (usually) mistaken for rampant weirdness. (Although she doesn't really mind if you think she's rampantly weird either.)

She believes in the outsider, the "other" and things that go bump in the night. She traps them in books so they don't creep out at night and grab her feet.

Other Information

The much more mundane description is this:

M. Lori Motley is one pen name of a middle-aged Mom from the suburbs.

I've always loved writing. My first-grade teachers said my stories showed "maturity and a real grasp of creativity." I still have my illustrated tale "Tall Cow" in which a gigantic orange cow terrorized a city. She might have had laser beam eyes, but it might have been a case of runaway crayon. In eighth grade, my amazing teacher said a story I wrote terrified her in her own home. She still gave me 10 points off for turning it in late.

That's when I knew I would be a writer. That's what I would do when I grew up.

I've grown up (as much as is advisable in this crazy world) and it is who I am.

Life is good.

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